Reiki Shares are open to any practitioners or students of any Reiki Style, Level I or higher.

Reiki Shares are open to any practitioners or students of any Reiki Style, Level I or higher.


Reiki Shares are (generally) held the third Thursday of every month and all those with Level I and above are welcome regardless of whether you have Reiki for your own benefit or you have a Reiki Practice. This is a perfect opportunity to spend 2 hours sharing your gift of Reiki with each other and have a forum to try out techniques, share successes, challenges and seek advice. For those working towards their Practitioner Membership with the Canadian Reiki Association, CEU’s can be issued.



Upgrading Your Reiki Energy Workshop:

Available in October 2019 for Level I and Level II certifications only.

Under the Usui Reiki practice, Practitioners could continually increase the strength and purity of their Reiki energy through regular attunements. With the advent of Holy Fire Energies, attunements have been replaced with Placements. As a Reiki Master with Holy Fire II energies, I have been continually researching and being able to access higher vibrational energies.

I will often have my Reiki master students (or Level II Practitioners) come into my classes when I am short a “client/practitioner” during the practice time of class. One Master,who has been working with me for over the past year has, with her abilities, sensed a real change in the vibration of the energy the Students have been channelling after their Placement. After much thought and weighing of this information and how I can share this, I have decided to offer up an upgrade to anyone with Level I and Level II Reiki. If you have Advanced Reiki Training (3rd Degree) or Master, I am unable to do this. It is in the Master class you have the Holy Fire flame ignited. Therefore, you, like myself, would have to take the full Holy Fire II Master Class or the Holy Fire II Karuna Class. (I would recommend the Karuna Master as it is the next step after Reiki Master.)

The cost will be $35 and if you do not currently have the “Reiki, The Healing Touch, First and Second Degree” International Centre for Reiki Training manual, and would like to have one, the cost would be an additional $25.

I will be offering this workshop on Saturday Oct 19 at 1:30 pm for those who just have Level I and Sunday Oct 20 at 1:30 pm for those who have Level II. If you have Level II you must practice and be able to draw your symbols before the Placement. Time will be given in the workshop.

No certificates will be issued as this is not a class. If you attended my class after September 2019, you do not need the upgrade. Any questions, please contact me. Step 1, Register. Step 2, Book Your Spot.